Technology for Payment

We are here to serve end-to-end solutions for payment systems



Provided qualified personnel owning high technical skills and equipped by business know-how to speed up your projects.

Custom Software

Customized software solutions and end-to-end software solutions are served using trend technology approaches in payment systems.


Consulting services are offered on payment infrastructure services, end-to-end payment solutions, certification processes, regulations of payment authority institutions, PCI-DSS standarts and requirements, financial process.


Card Solutions

Credit, Debit, Prepaid,

Card Acceptance

Merchant, POS, Virtual POS, SoftPos, ATM

Digital Payment

QR Payment, E-Commerce, Digital Wallet

Payment Network​

Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Amex, BKM, Troy

Payment Security

Emv-Co, HSM, PCI-DSS, Tokenization, Network Tokenization

Payment Gateway

Visa Direct, Visa Click to Pay, Mastercard Send,
Mastercard Click to Pay

About Us

Tech4Pay provides end-to-end solutions in payment systems by an expert team that worked in the industry for numerous years. Founded in 2018, our aim is to share our experience within the payment systems ecosystem by providing expert solutions.

Throughout our careers, our team have provided solutions to our clients through many long-term and high-scale payment systems transformation projects and we bring our experience and best practices to our clients who are on-boarding their journey with us. We have already identified KPIs needed for such transformations - customer expectations, consumer habits and industry requirements - and consistently and continously measure effectiveness and efficiency through these lenses.

Having worked with global payment actors in many domestic and international projects, we have expertise in developing software solutions that adhere to the regulations of different payment authority institutions and offer our services with regards to local certification processes.


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